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Path of Exile Guide: Witch Example Builds

Path of Exile is a very in-depth game with a steep learning curve and describes character categories, and beginners often get confused with many of the game’s mechanics and systems. In this guide today, we have updated the Ranger Example Builds. We previously updated the Marauder Example and Ranger Builds guide, which can be viewed here.


Witch is a typical mage in this game. Her high intelligence level has a positive impact on mana resources and energy shields. You can place your skill gems in various wands that require close combat.

How to play

The gameplay is mainly based on long-distance fighting. The damage caused by the spell lets you kill more and more enemies. Witch is not a very resistant character, so don’t get excited about the power of magic. There’s a downside-some enemy that might partially or completely resist the element you choose. You can choose to develop summoning skills, but this build method focuses on the power of the character rather than the summoning.

Passive skills

Witch, will develop spell damage, ice, and attributes. Using wands is also important because they will put our skill gems to use. The scheme shows the beginnings of character development – it defines initial passives (7) and shows the best path towards them.

Active skills

If you build the witch according to these instructions, you should provide her with skill gems that are related to intelligence, and don’t collide with the character’s weapon. Make collecting skill gems your highest priority.



The character activates an aura, which speeds up the mana regeneration of him and his allies. This strategy usually causes you to run out of mana-using this ability can give you a faster mana recovery and thus reach a higher level in battle.

Frost Wall

Frost Wall

The character will form an ice wall, isolating the enemy from her, and pushing the enemy back while inflicting cold damage. You can use it in boss battles or against large groups of enemies.

Ice Nova

Ice Nova

The character will generate shock waves, causing cold damage. In addition, you can use it when you don’t want to fight a weak enemy at all.

Ice Spear

Ice Spear

The character shoots a sharp block of ice, pierces nearby enemies, and explodes near one of the last targets. Its functionality is very common, so it should be your main attack method.

Elemental Dominion

  • Cast speed is increased by 6%.
  • Damage dealt by elements in spells is increased by 16%.
  • Adds 20 points to intelligence.

Frost Walker

  • Ice damage is increased by 18%.
  • Ice resistance is increased by 15%.

Deep Wisdom

  • Adds 20 points to maximum mana level.
  • Adds 20 points to maximum power of energy shield.
  • Adds 20 points to intelligence.

Arcane Focus

  • 20% increased maximum Energy Shield.
  • 10% faster start of Energy Shield Recharge.

Blast Radius

  • Skills’ area of effect is increased by 8%.
  • Damage dealt with AoE skills is increased by 12%.

Heart of Ice

  • 25% increased Cold Damage.
  • Damage Penetrates 3% Cold Resistance.

Breath of Rime

  • Enemies Become Chilled as they Unfreeze
  • Smaller nodes
Witch  Example Builds

The smaller nodes included in this build are mainly related to spell mass, ice element, and energy shield. In addition, in this building, passive skills related to mana and regeneration are very important.

The above is an example guide for Witch. For more builds or guides on the Path of Exile, you can visit here. If you need to buy PoE exalted orb, you can also check our website.