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How to earn coins fast in Madden 21 Ultimate Team?

In Madden 21, If you want to combine players and build your ideal NFL roster. However, it comes at a cost, you need MUT 21 coins. If you aren’t willing to pay real money to build your 21 Ultimate Team, then grinding out coins to buy packs can take forever. How can you maximize your time and get the most coins out of MUT 21?

Earn Coins Fast in Madden 21

Solo Challenges
The quickest way to get coins is through Solo Challenges. In the Campaign Challenges, you can get 2,500 coins for completing 4 challenges, which include rushing for 10+ yards in three plays and getting a 3 & out. That’s simple! You can get 1,000 coins doing the Legends Challenges, which are usually just winning an end-game scenario and playing for 10 minutes. These of course help you get XP to level up your team as well, which gets you level rewards that include coins. The problem with Solo Challenges is that you can’t re-do them. That means that while you can quickly build coins, there is a cap to how many you can get from them. There are a lot of Solo Challenges within MUT this year, so it will take you a while to get through them all. But once you do what should you do next?

Solo Battles
Like the Solo Challenges, you can only do these once, however, they reset every week, making them a nice source of both XP and coins. They can give you some wins toward your objectives but you can also get some solid rewards without having to have a brilliant team already.

MUT Draft
MUT Draft is a fun game type that involves the game generating you a new team and then giving you 20 choices between three players to improve it. If you can win 6 games in a row with that team, you’ll win a big reward. In Solo Draft against the computer, you can run a free entry team and claim up to 2,000 coins. For an entry fee of 5 tickets, you can win up to 10,000 coins against the CPU. You can also do it against other players, and this is where the real money is. Ranked Draft with a 5 ticket entry can get you up to 30,000 coins. Six wins vs other users are tough, but if you back yourself and get a little luck you can rake in the coins. You can do these over and over as long as you have the tickets, and if you win all your games you get your tickets back too. The free one against the CPU is a bit of a grind, but if all you care about is getting coins, and you’ve exhausted the Solo Challenges, then this is where you’ll find a great return of coins with little effort required.

Daily Objectives
The Daily Objectives are easy to complete and will give you a reasonable return of coins. You have to win two games, complete a set, and acquire a pack. That sounds tricky but within the sets, you may trade in your low silvers for a slightly higher silver and that will tick it off for you. As for buying packs, well don’t you would like to do that anyway? It may price you some coins but the return is a quick-sell item potentially worth 50k coins. Even if it is less than the pack you bought, it is still a nice discount on a pack you would have got anyway. Completing the Weekly Objectives, like make 100 tackles or pass for 1,700 yards, will get you upwards of 1,000 coins each. There is also a weekly objective to complete three daily challenges a week that gives you a bonus of 1,000 coins.